The Naga Warriors by Akshat Gupta

The Naga Warriors by Akshat Gupta

An exciting new series from the bestselling author of The Hidden Hindu

Akshat Gupta, a prominent author and leading subject matter expert on Indian History and Mythology is back with a brand-new book.

Akshat stands out as one of India’s most prolific authors in this domain, commanding an impressive following of 853k on social media since the debut of his acclaimed series, The Hidden Hindu.”  

In his next seriesThe Naga Warriors,”Akshat dabbles into historical fiction. In the first part of the series, “Battle of Gokul,” he offers a gripping portrayal of the legendary Naga sadhus—a clan of warriors dedicated to protecting Dharma. Set against the backdrop of the year 1757, the story unfolds as 111 Naga sadhus, led by the fearless Ajaa, confront a formidable Afghan army to safeguard the temples of Gokul.

About the author

Akshat Gupta is a national bestselling author, a TEDx speaker and an excelling screenwriter and dialogue writer in the Indian film industry. The Hidden Hindu series, authored by him, has sold over 1 lakh copies, with each book a national bestseller. Akshat is well known in the publishing industry, as well as in the Indian film industry, with a number of films and web-series signed on his name. Beyond his literary achievements, Akshat is renowned for his captivating speaking engagements that have left a lasting impact on audiences nationwide.

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To prepare for the future, our ancestors created the Naga sadhus—a clan of warriors for the protection of Dharma, as proclaimed by Adi Guru Shankaracharya in the eighth century. This sect of Shiva devotees has stood firm, living selflessly and fighting fearlessly. For centuries, they have died the death of heroes, serving and saving Dharma and the temples.

In the year 1757, 111 Naga sadhus borrowed the majestic weapons of the idols of their gods. Fueled by their belief in Lord Shiva, they gathered an invincible courage to protect the temples of Gokul. They stood as an indestructible wall, led by Ajaa, a fearless Naga warrior, against the Afghan army of 4000 men, a cavalry of 200 horses and 100 camels, and 20 cannons. The brutal Afghan army was led by Sardar Khan, the most ruthless commander of Emperor Ahmed Shah Abdali, ill-famed for the demolition of temples and building a history of genocide in Bharat.

The fight continues. This is the Naga warrior’s commitment to courage and determination. This is the clash of Shiva devotees against the devils that lie under men’s skin. This is the Battle of Gokul.

Title: ‘The Naga Warriors’

Author: Akshat Gupta 

Available: Amazon

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