Ravana’s Lanka: The Landscape of a Lost by Sunela Jayewardene

Ravanas Lanka

Was Ravana Really The Demon That He Was Sought Out To Be?

Sunela Jayewardene, recognized as Sri Lanka’s leading environmental architect, travelled through Sri Lanka, and listened to the storytellers and poets, researched Sri Lanka’s folklore, sifted through race and religion . . . to stitch together a history of a forgotten landscape.

The story of the kingdom that Ravana had ruled lay over the island like a fading, antique map. The edges of the story were frayed and there were lines disconnected by time, but the landscape it traced, exists.

Demonized as he was after his death, the reign of King Ravana of Lanka, and his ancestors, the powerful Mayuranga, has long been obscured and shrouded in myth. Once, their kingdom is believed to have reached beyond the shores of the island, capturing lands across the seas—a kingdom of that magnitude was never seen again on Lanka. In a bid to shed light on this lost era,

This remarkable, vivid book is the story Sunela learnt of King Ravana and the kingdom that he lost.

Published by Penguin, it is currently on pre-order and scheduled to release across the country towards end of July.

About the author:

Sunela Jayewardene

Sunela Jayewardene is recognized as Sri Lanka’s leading environmental architect. She has designed several award-winning hotels, including Jetwing Vil Uyana, Colombo Courtyard and Rainforest Ecolodge. Her first book, The Line of Lanka, was nominated for the 2017 Gratiaen Prize.

Title: ‘Ravana’s Lanka’

Author: Sunela Jayewardene

Available: Amazon

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