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book review service

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Are you an author? Have you got a book published? Are you looking to promote your books? Get your book reviewed and recommended NOW.

The best way to promote your books is to get them reviewed by an academic journal. Getting your book reviewed by an academic journal can be an effective way to promote it to a wider audience. Academic journals are well-respected and widely-read publications, and a positive review can help establish your book’s credibility and increase its visibility in academic circles.

Good reviews help the books to sell. We have the best book review writers with us. They are professors, academicians, and professional reviewers.

How to Write a Captivating Book Review

Our academic journal Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) is one of the leading literary journals that has been publishing a wide variety of literary articles including research papers, stories, poems, and book reviews since last 10 years. CLRI has published thousands of new and established writers from across the world. Hundreds of thousand readers visit CLRI every year and it has a strong footprint on social media platforms. CLRI has its own YouTube channel where it publishes interviews with the authors along with other topics of literary interests.  

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Authors & Books is the sister organization of CLRI, which is more focused on publishing press releases. Authors & Books has published thousands of writers from popular publishers including Penguin India, Orient BlackSwan, and other big names.

Book Review on “Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?”

The journey of book review services

The journey of book review services pass through the following stages.

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1 We write reviews

We have dedicated reviewers for different genres. Our reviewers are generally authors, professional reviewers, professors and experts in their fields. We don’t write reviews as articles but we evaluate every angle that can bring value to the readers. Book reviews are more like research papers to obtain high standard. We have our editorial guidelines for writing book reviews. Though we write reviews for a fee, the reviews are impartial. We do not judge, rather we highlight strong sides of the books.

Book Review on Geetanjali Shree’s ‘Tomb of Sand Wins Booker Prize 2022’

2 We publish review in CLRI

Once we review your book, we publish it in our academic journal Contemporary Literary Review India, so that more and more readers can read it resulting in high possibility of buying the book. Additionally, CLRI is published online and its articles are freely accessible to the readers, which makes it easily accessible to hundreds of thousands readers.

3 We conduct interview

We conduct interview with the authors whose book we review. The interview is released on our YouTube channel with the name Contemporary Literary Review India. This channel brings out videos on various topics of literary interest.  

4 We publish press release

We publish press releases about the book such as book release, book blurbs, excerpts from the book, news on best sellers, or authors winning awards. Our aim to keep the authors and their books in public circulation more and more to build a strong profile of the authors.

Promotional activities

We offer 3 promotional activities, worth Rs 10,000/ for free for those who buy our book review writing service. For each of the following activities, there is a fee.

1. Publish the review in our literary journal Contemporary Literary Review India.
2. Conduct interviews with the authors whose book we review and upload to our YouTube channel.
3. Publish the press release in our media publicity house Authors & Books.

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Find testimonials on book reviews.

What We Require

We generally need two copies of your book.

One PDF copy of the book needs to be sent to our email address. This copy will be used to write a book review.

One copy of the paperback edition needs to be sent to our physical address. This copy will be used to conduct an interview and a book review for the YouTube channel.

Fee for Review

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