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‘Learn Markdown’ is the best book for dummies. “Learn Markdown: The Complete Guide on Markdown Formatting” is a book on markdown syntax by Khurshid Alam.

Dr. Ashok Patwari is a Paediatrician by profession and is a short story writer by passion.

“I write against humanity and anything to embrace the ephemeral and ineffable. I write about my guilt and mistakes. My crimes and pride. If anything, the readers should experience the need to come out in the open.” Kushal Poddar from Kolkata, India says in this exciting interview.

Perebo Adumo recommends how we can curb procrastination and increase personal productivity in every field. Perebo is from Nigeria and has shared insights on his book.

‘”The Woods” holds a mystery in a story of life, death and something in between’, says Mark Relic. Mark has connected from Serbia.

Dr. Nora Gold is a prize-winning author. Her first book, Marrow and Other Stories, won a Vine Canadian Jewish Book Award and was praised by Alice Munro.

Ria Chowdhury is a young and promising writer, who has recently brought out a book titled ‘Deciphering Prufroc’. She shares her experience loudly in this exciting interview.

Dr Dalip Khetarpal in talks with Mr Khurshid Alam, Editor-in-Chief, CLRI.

The Orison Anthology 2019: Bharat Shekhar’s Story The Walk Published in CLRI Wins.