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We aim to promote authors and their writing. Engage with us for various events like you can contact us for an interview and discuss how to promote your book, and get your book reviewed by us.

Book Releases

If you are a publisher, author, literary agent, or a marketer and want to promote your books, send your press releases between 600-1000 words to us. We will publish and promote your books to our audience.

We have a strong audience base and are on all popular social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. Thousands of readers, writers, artists and creative people from across the world visit our website each month.

Your press release must include the following information.
1. Title: Write the book title.
2. Author: Write the author name.
3. Publisher: Mention publisher’s name.
4. Available: Mention the book store with a link (Amazon).

If the author has more books to his/her name, please mention all the books. We prefer to include all the book links to increase the possibility of sales.  For example, please see this article.

Book Reviews

If you have a book review written by someone, submit it to us. We will publish the book review. Your book review must be in about 1000 words. However, if you want us to review your book, we charge a nominal fee. Read about our book review services.

Please follow these guidelines for book reviews.
1. Book reviews should be well written and cited (within 1000 words).
2. It should be well edited. We don’t accept if it is badly written.
3. Include author’s brief bio, some good pictures, author’s email address and phone number.
4. Include the book details in the above mentioned format.

Terms & Conditions

Authors, publishers, PR agencies, or those who want to get published with us must agree to the following terms.

(1) We may modify and edit the submitted articles to make them suitable for our publication.
(2)  We may reprint the articles multiple times and on any of our sister organizations.
(3) We generally embed codes/links to the books on our articles in our way to boost the sales on the books.
(4) We may embed our own or third-party ads on articles.

Where to Submit?

Submit your article to this email address: authornbooks(at)