The Everyday Stoic by William Mulligan

The Everyday Stoic

Simple Rules for a Good Life

Stoicism of late has gained popularity because it directly opposes other trending cultural perspectives, such as self-victimization dialogues surrounding mental health and self-accountability for survival under capitalism. Stoicism is a philosophy designed to make us more resilient, happier, more virtuous, and wiser–and as a result, better people

Follow in the footsteps of the classical tradition of Stoicism and join a growing community of individuals seeking guidance on how to navigate the obstacles of contemporary life. From Marcus Aurelius to Seneca, the Stoics have a long and rich history.

Today, William Mulligan, founder of The Everyday Stoic, transforms these principles into a practical guide for overcoming the challenges of modern life and cultivating an unshakeable sense of inner calm, so that you too can live like a stoic.

Unpack the ancient wisdom and teachings of Stoicism, such as:

  • Confronting life’s unpredictability
  • Nature ties us together
  • Thoughts create reality
  • Little is truly needed
  • All is equal

Written in a clear and accessible style, this book will reveal the universal truths of Stoicism empowering you to achieve strength and tranquillity no matter what modern life throws your way.

About the author

William Mulligan is the founder of The Everyday Stoic. It is his strong belief that stoicism is for everyone, not just selected few, and is on a mission to guide people through modern life with ancient rules and wisdom. So far William gained an amassed following of over 840 thousand followers across his YouTube and Instagram channels, where he shares stoic teachings. The Everyday Stoic is his first book.

Title: ‘The Everyday Stoic’

Author: William Mulligan

Available: Amazon

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