Secrets Within by Mushtaq Shiekh

Secrets Within by Mushtaq Shaikh

Blockbuster screenwriter of Om Shanti Om and author of Shah Rukh Khan’s bestselling biography comes up with a scandalous tale

Mushtaq Sheikh, a blockbuster screenplay writer, producer, and actor presents this year’s most promising release.  Mushtaq’s repertoire in film scripting and screenwriting includes blockbusters like Om Shanti Om, Billu, Ra.One and Kya Kool Hain Hum. He is the author of the bestselling biography of Shah Rukh Khan, Still Reading Khan (2006), which was later reissued as Shah Rukh Can: The Life and Times of Shahrukh Khan. His body of work also includes books such as The Making of Asoka, Devdas – The Indian Hamlet and Om Shanti Om: A Farah Khan Film. Mushtaq’s journey began in film journalism and television, where he wrote scripts for popular serials such as Kahiin To Hoga, K. Street Pali Hill and Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat. In order to focus on his cinematic pursuits, he is currently leading Contentment Films. 

About the book

In the shadow of opulence, ambition can be a dangerous driving force. Aakash, a visionary architect, finds himself with the chance of a lifetime—a contract that could crown his career or crush it. The job? To build and redesign a mansion for Mr Khanna, a man whose riches are only matched by his secrets. Aakash’s path to success is paved with temptations when he crosses paths with the enigmatic Maya, Mr Khanna’s wife, whose eyes hold stories yet to be told.

Caught in a clandestine spiral with Maya, Aakash must navigate a maze of intrigue that leads him to the very heart of the Khanna empire. But in a world where wealth whispers and walls talk, he finds himself ensnared in a plot much darker than he imagined.

Dive into Secrets Within, where the scent of scandal is as intoxicating as the allure of power. Here, every corner turned could be a step towards an empire or a slip into an abyss, and every face masks a secret dying to break free.

Will Aakash be able to navigate this treacherous maze to emerge victorious or will he become a casualty of his unchecked desires?
Behind the gates of the Khanna mansion, a game of deceit beckons, where the price of truth may be too perilous to pay.

Title: ‘Secrets Within’

Author: Mushtaq Shiekh

Available: Amazon

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