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We provide editing and proofreading services for academic essays, research papers, dissertation, M. Phil/ Ph. D thesis papers, academic curriculum, and book manuscripts of all disciplines and subjects.

Are you a lecturer, professor, academician, or research scholar and have written a research paper? Are you planning to submit your papers to any high standard academic journals such as Scopus or Elsevier journals? Get your paper edited and reviewed from Creative Content Media (CCM). CCM has been providing editing and proofreading services since 2012 and has edited research scholars from almost all popularly known universities in India, several of them being reputed names.

We train scholars to prepare research papers in a professional way.

Why Editing is Required?

Every article and research paper needs editing to present the material in a professional manner.

Editing is not limited to correcting grammar only. It is more than that.

Research scholars are generally engaged in doing deep research on a given subject. Their focus should be to conceive new ideas for research and carry out research on the idea. However, it takes a lot to prepare research papers in a professional way. To prepare research papers in a professional way, you must ensure the following factors.

  • Ensure impeccable English language.
  • Maintain coherent structure of the topic.
  • Create an ample number of data and graphics.
  • Use in-text citation, footnotes, endnotes, and quotations.
  • Write meaningful abstract and relevant keywords.
  • Cite relevant references and bibliography.
  • Present the paper in structured formatting and layout.
  • Implement right referencing style such as APA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago, Turabian, and others.

Plagiarism Checking

It is more possible that while writing a research paper, research scholars may have used content from various sources, particularly post-Internet era, when you can get access to the information on Google and other search engines very easily. However, most of the researchers do not have a fair idea of copyright laws and hence they do not know what portion of content they can use from other sources directly and how to use it in their papers. There have been several cases when scholars are accused of plagiarism and have faced rejection, or even bared and fined for plagiarism. Surprisingly, several institutions and universities have been accused of not preventing plagiarism.  

We check for possible plagiarism of content of each paper submitted to us. Our check is very intensive. We use software followed by human observation. We boast that we have been practicing this since 2012. This helps the research scholars understand the score on the authenticity of their materials and gives an idea that authenticity can be validated and checked independently.

Plagiarism score motivates research scholars to create original material.

Importantly, UGC has announced in September 2017 that the academic institutions, colleges, and universities should use plagiarism checker software to ensure originality of the research papers.  This is what we have been doing for long on our own. For details, please check here.

Editing Standard We Follow

For editing English language, we comply with The Editor’s Companion (University of Chicago Press) and The Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press). For citation, we comply with EEEI, APA, or MLA style guides that may be the best fit for the papers.


We have edited more than 1000 research papers, 50 Ph D theses, and dozens of book manuscripts for research scholars and authors from various colleges, universities and institutes of high repute both from India and abroad including IIT-Bombay, Bombay University, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT, Pune), Bharati Vidya Peeth (Pune), MIT College of Engineering (Pune), SP Pune University, Andhra University, Delhi University (India), Madras University, Nagpur University (India), Pune University, Surat University, Gujarat University, University at Albany (New York) and many other universities.

Editing Certificate

We issue a certificate for professional editing that helps the authors and research scholars to submit their papers to journals, magazines, and universities across the world. 

Editing Fee

Our editing fee is 50% less than the market price.

About the Author

Khurshid Alam is a writer, editor, publisher and technocrat. He is a founder-editor of a leading literary journal in English titled as as Contemporary Literary Review India.

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