What is Plagiarism in Research Papers?


Plagiarism is presenting others’ content as yours that violates laws of copyrights and intellectual property rights. Research scholars are either unaware of the copyright laws or are careless about the consequence even if their papers are labelled as such. Some scholars are doubtful how anyone can know they have copied content from various sources. Recently, some reports about how some scholars and even academic institutions are not complying with the ethical policies of writing original content and publishing have been published. This is a very negative remark on academic people.

We train scholars to prepare research papers in a professional way.

Content Originality / Plagiarism Checking

During preparation of research papers, scholars study and refer to hundreds of materials, both print and online. Moreover, post-Internet era, scholars generally refer to online journals, magazines, and books more as they are easily available, either free or at a low subscription cost. Whether you copy the content from print or online, a paper can be checked and validated.

There are many plagiarism checking software tools that can detect copied content and mark it with red flags. The logic of plagiarism detection is based on the concept that certain lengths of keywords match to the keywords in already existing or published content. Plagiarism checking software tools have a huge database of content, both print and online as sources. This logic is very much similar to the Google or other standard search engines. Any paper with more than 10% plagiarism score is considered negative and may be rejected by most journals and universities.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be avoided in many ways. Some of the helpful guidelines are as follows.

1. Write original content: Read the source materials and write in your own words. Never copy any source content in your paper directly as it tends to make the scholars lazy and the possibility of copying content may arise.

2. Use citation properly: Always use citation properly. Use in-text citation, quotation marks when using a certain length of terms or sentence with attribution, footnotes, endnotes, references, and bibliography.

3. Use original bibliography: Many scholars are too lazy to use bibliography properly; they simply copy even the references and bibliographies from other sources. Use only those references that you have actually referred for preparing your paper. Creating a long list of bibliography is not important, but originality is. You should preferably create two lists of bibliography: (1) the primary source and (2) secondary source. The list of primary sources should include those references that you have based your research on, while the secondary source should include those references that you referred partially.

4. Use original data and graphics: Some scholars make simple modification in the images, graphics, and tables from sources and use as their own. They do not create original graphics. There are several service providers, who can help you create such graphics for a fee.

5. Get your paper edited: Never submit any paper without getting it edited by professional editors. Most scholars commit a blunder that they do not give importance to editing, as it costs. During editing your paper becomes original in many ways.

Services for Removing Plagiarism

Creative Content Media provides the service of rewriting your content to make it original. However, we first detect the score of plagiarism. If the content scores under 10%, we make the content original. In case the score is more, we guide the scholars to rework on the research papers. We don’t rewrite the entire content.

We follow a very intensive process to check content for plagiarism.

Detect with a software tool.

Read the flags manually.

Make the required corrections.

Implement correct citation rules.

Validate the corrected content to score 0.

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