The Republic Relearnt by Radha Kumar

The Republic Relearnt

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Amidst the global political shifts and the imminent 2024 General Elections in India, esteemed scholar Radha Kumar unveils her latest masterpiece, The Republic Relearnt: Renewing Indian Democracy (1947-2024). With a keen eye on the present dangers of totalitarianism, Kumar’s book offers a compelling vision for the future of democracy in India, drawing crucial lessons from its tumultuous past.

In The Republic Relearnt, Radha Kumar challenges the commonly held belief that Indian democracy has enjoyed an uninterrupted trajectory since Independence, punctuating the narrative with insightful analyses of historical disruptions and threats to democratic institutions. Kumar sheds light on the almost four decades of democracy decay following the republic’s founding years, contrasting them with the shorter-lived waves of democracy renewal. By examining these waves in detail, Kumar uncovers invaluable insights into the resilience and vulnerabilities of Indian democracy.

The Republic Relearnt emerges as a timely and indispensable guide for citizens, policymakers, and scholars alike. Kumar’s work not only diagnoses the ailments affecting India’s democratic fabric but also offers a roadmap for its revitalization, emphasizing the need for collective introspection and proactive measures to safeguard democratic principles.

Speaking about her motivations behind the book, Radha Kumar remarks, “In the face of rising authoritarianism, it is imperative to reevaluate our understanding of democracy and draw inspiration from past experiences to fortify its foundations for future generations. ‘The Republic Relearnt’ serves as a call to action, urging us to confront the challenges ahead with renewed vigor and a steadfast commitment to democratic ideals.”

As anticipation mounts for the release of “The Republic Relearnt,” readers can expect a thought-provoking exploration of democracy’s past, present, and future in India. Radha Kumar’s meticulous research, coupled with her lucid prose, promises to spark vital conversations and ignite a renewed sense of civic engagement across the nation.

Radha Kumar is a renowned scholar and author with expertise in conflict resolution, peace-building, and governance. Radha Kumar is an academic and author. She is the author, most recently, of Paradise at War: A Political History of Kashmir. She has held prominent positions in academia, international organizations, and governmental institutions, contributing significantly to scholarly discourse on South Asian affairs.

Title: ‘The Republic Relearnt’

Author: Radha Kumar 

Available: Amazon

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