September 2020 Releases from Fingerprint

Murder Milestone by Salil Desai

“HAPPY HANGING!” Saralkar growled with all the spite in his system and stormed out of the cell.

Weeks before serial killer Dharmesh Solanki is to be executed, he wickedly burdens Senior Inspector Saralkar with a macabre secret Saralkar would’ve been better off not knowing.

Impelled to verify Solanki’s disturbing claim, Saralkar and PSI Motkar reopen the sixteen-year-old case, for which the senior inspector had won a police medal. And out tumble intriguing leads and shocking facts that had fallen through the cracks back then.

Worse, only a motley group of elusive characters might form the shaky bridge to the murky truth—a missing ex-constable, a gluttonous witness who had narrowly escaped being murdered by Solanki, Solanki’s biographer, the serial killer’s own son, and the daughter of one of his victims.

Meanwhile another dangerous murderer is busy prowling around for victims to notch up an impressive body count. In the midst of these crazy events, Saralkar’s marriage faces rough weather, while Motkar’s hands are full, investigating a trail of mysterious suicides.

As the duo struggle to cope, personal tragedy strikes Saralkar and a tip-off propels Motkar into confronting an astonishingly diabolical psychopath on his own.

Will Motkar prove up to the challenge? Will Saralkar recover his mojo in time? And will Saralkar and Motkar ever make sense of the complicated chain of murders and suicides and the dark secret of a despicable serial killer sentenced to death?

Title: Murder Milestone
Author: Salil Desai
Available: Amazon

Ten Things Your skinny Friends Don’t Tell You by Keerthi Yella

Ever felt jealous of your skinny friends?

Ever wondered how they maintain their enviable figures?

Ever gotten to hear responses like ‘Oh! I’ve got good genes’ or ‘I am blessed with a great metabolism’ when you asked these skinny friends about the secret behind it all?

Yes? Well, take a deep breath and now, call them all liars! Wait, not to their faces obviously, not unless they are extremely obnoxious and you don’t mind their absence from your life! But yes, they are all lying and this book will tell you everything you need to know about the tricks they use to stay slim! And trust me, even the best and the closest of your skinny friends will not acknowledge the existence of these tricks! It’s a trade secret for them, one they will take to their graves if they can.

And there are quite a few of these tricks!

Well, here we go with unveiling all of them!

Title: Ten Things Your skinny Friends Don’t Tell You
Author: Keerthi Yella
Available: Amazon

Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia

Siddharth aka Mr. Perfectionist is married to his job. Relentlessly toiling for the promotion he wants, he doesn’t have time for anything, even a girlfriend. Naturally, marriage is the last thing on his mind . . . but not for his parents, who have plans of their own.

Enter Shreya, the girl-next-door. One meeting and Mr. Perfectionist is instantly besotted—he even begins to dream about marrying her.

During coffee meetings and long drives, Siddharth comes to know that a boy has entered Shreya’s life—an IIT graduate named Shivam Malhotra she met on her flight to Bangkok. Shivam is a flirt, a Casanova, and the type of guy Shreya abhors.

But there is more to Shivam than meets the eye. And Shreya, despite herself, finds herself hating him less and less every

day . . .

The wedding is approaching.

What will happen with this trio?

Title: Just Missed
Author: Himanshu Bhatia
Available: Amazon

Hanuman Chalisa

The Hanuman Chalisa is a rich repertoire of the incredible deeds and acts of valour by Lord Hanuman. This enriching edition brings to you the same holy text only manifold more immersive as each word of the dohas comes alive, explained as it is by way of the stories from Valimiki’s Ramayana, Tulsidas’s Ramacharitramaanas, and the folklore of India.

Available: Amazon

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