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Never-Seen-Before launches from Penguin Random House!

Fallout: Power, Intrigue and Political Upheaval; Decoding Pakistan’s Turmoil

The book underscores the persistent unpredictability of leadership decisions, both military and civilian, that leads to a constant state of crisis in Pakistan today, underlining the crucial need for institutional stability. A familiar-yet-ever-changing tableau of power, Fallout is an incisive exploration of Pakistani politics.

-Salman Masood

The One Goal

In this book, you’ll learn the exact blueprint to achieving all the goals and dreams you’re most excited about. Thibaut shares how to set goals fully aligned with your personal values to build lasting motivation and unstoppable enthusiasm. You will learn how to develop an unbeatable mindset and achieve insanely demanding goals.

-Thibaut Meurisse

Success is Inevitable

By reading it, you’ll discover the seventeen laws that will skyrocket your success. With pragmatic exercises and personal examples, you’ll explore specific techniques that will enable you to reach your full potential and achieve your biggest goals.

-Thibaut Meurisse

Think Better Thoughts

Author and coach Thibaut Meurisse wants you to think better, more empowering thoughts. In his latest book, you’ll learn about 100 negative assumptions that, often unconsciously, prevent you from designing a more fulfilling life. It is a must-read guide to reprogramme your mind, have more empowering thoughts and make lasting changes in your life.

-Thibaut Meurisse

The Republic Relearnt

Despite the clear danger of the rise of totalitarianism in India today, this book’s aim is to look forward to the moment when democracy will be renewed in the country and ask what lessons can be learnt from past experience to anchor it more firmly when the opportunity arises.

-Radha Kumar

The Remains of the Body

Focusing on friendship and intimacy between three Indian immigrants in North America, this is an intricate fiction from a writer known for his exploration of the unpredictable nature of human sexuality.

-Saikat Majumdar

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