M.K. Nambyar by K.K. Venugopal 

M.K. Nambyar by K.K. Venugopal

A Constitutional Visionary: Revised and updated

About the book

It is rare to see a lawyer from a district court occupy centre stage in the Supreme Court but M.K. Nambyar achieved this remarkable feat. Starting his practice in a district court in Mangalore, M.K. Nambyar rose to become an eminent constitutional lawyer. Written by his son K.K. Venugopal, a legal luminary himself, this biography provides a fascinating account of Nambyar’s life. It not only describes the man but also recapitulates India’s legal history from the pre-Independence era. The book includes some landmark cases argued by Nambyar that have significantly contributed to the development of constitutional law in India such as A.K. Gopalan v. State of Madras and I.C. Golak Nath v. State of Punjab, where he sowed the seeds of the ‘basic structure’ doctrine. These cases continue to guide and inspire lawyers and judges today.

A must-read for scholars and practitioners of constitutional law, this book is a tribute to the man whose deep understanding and visionary interpretation of law continue to inform judicial thinking.

About the author

K.K. Venugopal is a senior advocate and former attorney general of India. He is a recipient of the Padma Vibhushan as well as the Padma Bhushan from the Government of India. His practice has spanned nearly seven decades.

Suhrith Parthasarathy is an advocate practising chiefly before the Madras High Court. He graduated in law from The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences and holds a postgraduate degree in journalism from Columbia University, New York. Suhrith has written for various national and international publications and frequently authors op-eds on law.

Suhasini Sen is a lawyer practising in Delhi. She graduated from NALSAR University of Law and holds L.L.M degrees from Cambridge University and Harvard Law School. She is a recipient of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship (2012).

Title: ‘A Constitutional Visionary’

Author: K.K. Venugopal 

Available: Amazon

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