5 Best Email Services for Authors

5 Best Email Services for Authors

Email marketing has been the best means to communicate to your followers and subscribers. Without communication, no one is going to know what you have in store for your followers.

Using email communication in a professional way is known as email marketing in the digital field.  Email marketing means sending an email message to your followers on regular basis. Generally these followers are ‘email subscribers’ who have signed up to your email list.

Email marketing is used to inform about the launch of your book, sales and promotions of your book, publication of interviews or discussion, recognition or awards you get, so you gather some crowd around your brand or name.

Moreover, email marketing is not just the way to promote your books but also the best source that you can use to increase the brand value of your idea as an author.

Advantages of Email marketing

Following are the advantages of email marketing.

1.       Send emails to update your followers about your book or related developments.

2.       To build brand image.

3.       To nurture future customers who would love to buy a book from you.

4.       Sending emails is cost effective.

5.       Sending emails is easy, fast, and convenient.

6.       Be in direct communication with your followers.

Establish your voice

For authors, it is very important that you establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your chosen area or topic. For example, you write articles, get articles published, start your own blogs, and promote your concepts.

At the same time, it is important that you update your followers what is happening at your end.  For this, you need email services.

Email and Its Materials

Email marketing can include newsletters, email content copy, or messages with updates about your publication credits, recitation of your poems, interviews, and news about awards and prizes you get and many other things. 

Sell Books through Emails

If you win the trust of your followers and you succeed in establishing your brand image with your followers, email can become the best tool to push sales of your books, whether old or new.

To push sales through emails, you must offer discounts or special coupons cheaper than what is available in the open market, so your followers turn into customers. For example, you give away one book free on purchase of a new title. Or give a flat 50% discount on a number of books if purchased through emails.

5 Best Email Services

You can send individual emails. However, this is good only if your email list is small. As your email list grows, you must migrate to bulk emails system.

When we talk about bulk emails, there are several email tools that are available as free, while there are dozens of other best email tools that are paid.


GMass has both free and paid email sending offers. You can send up to 500 emails in 24 hours in free system, if you have an individual (personal) account. It has many special features such as you can pull email addresses from the Google sheet that may collect email addresses automatically from the inbox. This means your Google sheet collects email addresses on one hand and then these addresses may be used to send emails through GMass for absolutely free.

Other features include scheduling of emails on certain time, nurturing cold emails, sending automatic follow-ups and replies, tracking the open rate, and verifying the email addresses to ensure that you are using the authentic email addresses that will give you the desired results.


MailChimp is one of the best mass mailing tools available today. It has both free and paid versions. You can send emails to 2000 email contacts per month with the free version. It has some good predesigned email templates that you can use. It has landing page templates also that you can use to boost sales.

Some special features include the email content copy can be posted on several social media channels automatically along with sending of the emails. You can automate your entire email marketing campaign from cold emails to nurturing customers, to converting to business. You can also schedule your email sequences, with automatic follow-ups and replies, analytics for tracking systems among others.


ConvertKit has almost everything that email marketing needs. With ConvertKit, you can build an email list, send bulk emails, create email sequences, nurture the contacts, turn them into your customers, and do lots more. It has a free version also that allows you to send email to a list of 1000 contacts. Additionally, ConvertKit empowers you to use a large number of landing pages and forms to pitch sales of your book releases and broadcast different activities of your literary journey and sell digital products and subscriptions


MailerLite is one of the best email marketing tools for small and medium size business goals. It is the best solution for the writers to begin the book campaign.

MailerLite offers a library of professionally designed email templates for launching email campaign, broadcasting launches of your books, and selling of your books.

To build your audience list, you can run the landing pages, pop-ups, and forms. You can also manage your subscribers. To deliver the messages, you can segment your email subscribers based on their categories, send personalized emails, and automate the entire email goal.

MailerLite has a free version also, with which you can send emails to 1000 subscribers per month.


HubSpot is a more advanced email marketing tool, integrated with CRM, marketing, and sales. It offers the method to generate sales lead, automate email marketing, and analytics to track email goals. You can run landing pages for book sales and subscription, pop-ups to build a list of subscribers, automate the email journey to nurture your subscribers, and resend emails to materialize the email campaigns. HubSpot also has free version.

As an author, you can sell ebooks, paperback copies, subscription to your blog or website, and enlighten your audience with your ideas and writing through emailing system.

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