Zebu: Wilson’s Chimps

Zebu: "Wilson's Chimps"

The English version of Zebu’s debut book “Os Macacos de Wilson” now available

“The greatest intelligence of Joyful Computing Network has gone rogue and is turning the world upside down!

It is up to a poor soul from the Ombudsman department – who has nothing to do with the situation – to solve this big problem in the midst of the still monarchical corporate culture of politicking, inefficiency, piracy, vanity, cumbersome bureaucracy and human disrespect.

And, with the blessing of the gods, perhaps also ensure the good mood of the quarrelsome and opportunistic boss, always willing to burn one of his subordinates in order to ‘show some service’.”

Wilson’s Chimps” is the English version of Zebu’s debut book “Os Macacos de Wilson“, with a story about the hardships of corporate daily life and the future of mankind with touches of nonsense, dystopia and science fiction.

-> “Imagine ‘The Office’, but with characters who could very well be your neighbours, or worse, yourself. Yes, it’s that level of ‘so real it hurts’ that permeates the pages of this book, making us alternate between laughter and sighs of despair. The author proves to be a master in the art of observing and portraying life as it is: absurdly hilarious, tragically real and surprisingly close to a Monday morning team meeting.”

-> “here the author pokes and exposes the wounds of the corporate and social world with a cleaver. As crazy as some events are presented, the scenes describing the line to enter the company building, the woman who talks without stopping, the executive ordering coffee and the description of the huncher are life as it is.”

-> “Sarcastic humor from beginning to end. And what a crazy ending!”

About the author

With a degree in Administration and Music, Gustavo Mancebo (a.k.a. Zebu) worked for multinationals in Brazil and Portugal in different sectors, such as CRM, Procurement and IT, being frequently recognized for his high quality in service delivery.

As a musician, Zebu studied with renowned names in the Brazilian music market, working since 2003 with and for musicians and artists from the most varied music genres in Brazil and abroad, gaining prominence in the media of different countries.

His song “Valsa de silêncios” (with lyrics by Tiê Alves) was classified for the 39th National Song Festival, held in Formiga/MG (Brazil), in addition to being recorded on CDs, DVD and single, with more than 30.000 streams only on Spotify.

In 2022 he released his first solo single, “Jack soul brasileiro“, broadcasted on radio stations through Europe and the Americas.

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