The Rumbling Earth by C.P. Rajendran and Kusala Rajendran

The Rumbling Earth

The Story of Indian Earthquakes

Introducing The Rumbling Earth: The Story of Indian Earthquakes, authored by C.P. Rajendran and Kusala RajendranThe renowned seismologists C.P. Rajendran and Kusala Rajendran offer a riveting story of the Indian earthquakes, their science, history and impact. Like all other natural phenomena, earthquakes are part of life-sustaining forces—the creators of the mountains, valleys and springs or even deserts on Earth—a theater where the show never ends.

‘The Rumbling Earth’ anticipates the next significant earthquake in the Himalayas, examining the devastating historical precedents unveiled through archaeology, history, and geology. The book meticulously probes the causes and aftermath of the catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, offering readers a glimpse into the seismic events that have shaped our past.

The book takes the readers to some exciting parts of India to show how earthquakes change the topography where a sea existed not far in the past—now a salt marsh, affecting the social life, trade and livelihood. The book discusses the likelihood of the next big earthquake in the Himalayas against the backdrop of the devastating earlier ones revealed by archaeology, history and geology. It probes the causes and aftermath of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 and gives a glimpse of the past.

The high-impact earthquakes will happen, but they need not always end up as human catastrophes. The authors have spent much of their professional lives studying the earthquakes in India and abroad. They tell us from their vast experience how to negotiate the impacts of earthquakes and related hazards by following science-based strategies.

Readers are transported to exciting corners of India where seismic activities have reshaped landscapes. The book vividly illustrates how earthquakes have transformed topography, turning once-thriving seas into salt marshes. Social life, trade, and livelihoods are intricately woven into the seismic narrative, providing a profound understanding of the human connection with Earth’s dynamic forces.

While high-impact earthquakes are inevitable, the book emphasizes that they do not always result in human catastrophes. Drawing from their extensive professional experiences studying earthquakes in India and abroad, the authors share science-based strategies to navigate the impacts of earthquakes and related hazards. Earth science, often overlooked in school curricula, requires basic knowledge of the Earth’s structure and processes. Recognizing this knowledge gap, the authors deemed it crucial to document information on past earthquakes. The book, inspired by interactions during field visits, addresses questions from students, laypersons, and young researchers, aiming to provide a simple yet informative resource on earthquake understanding.

About the author

Dr. C.P. Rajendran, a luminary in the field of seismology, brings over three decades of expertise to ‘The Rumbling Earth’. Holding a Ph.D. in Geophysics, Dr. Rajendran has dedicated his career to unraveling the mysteries of Earth’s seismic forces. Dr. Kusala Rajendran, co-author of ‘The Rumbling Earth,’ stands as a distinguished seismologist with a rich background in geological sciences. With a Ph.D. in Earth Science, Dr. Kusala Rajendran has conducted groundbreaking research in seismic hazards and geophysics. Together, their dedication to unraveling the secrets of Earth’s seismic forces has made them prominent voices in the field.

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