The Remains of the Body

Saikat Majumdar’s latest novel makes gender disappear

The Remains of the Body” is a compelling narrative of friendship and intimacy among three Indian immigrants in North America, penned by a writer renowned for delving into the unpredictable nature of human sexuality. As Kaustav, an early-career scholar, navigates his uncertain future in a foreign land, he finds solace in the home of his childhood best friend, Avik, and his wife Sunetra. However, when Avik’s marriage faces unexpected turmoil due to an affair, Kaustav is forced to confront his own desires and questions about intimacy.

‘An exceptional novel that makes gender disappear to build unconventional love and friendship.’

– Vivek Shanbhag

The novel skilfully weaves themes of immigrant ambition, the toll on relationships, and the complexities of desire, offering readers a profound exploration of identity and longing. With endorsements from notable figures such as Vivek Shanbhag, Hoshang Merchant, and Ruth Vanita, Saikat Majumdar’s work stands as a testament to his prowess in capturing the intricacies of human emotions and relationships.

‘I’m moved to tears by the wordless spiritual stirring in Saikat Majumdar’s fiction.’

– Hoshang Merchant

Saikat Majumdar, an accomplished author and academic, brings a wealth of experience and insight to his writing, making this book a unique opportunity to delve into the varied aspects of human sexuality.

‘One of the brave new fiction writers who experiment with writing about sexuality, creating characters who hover on the edge of amorous engagement in unexpected but quintessentially Indian situations.’

– Ruth Vanita

We invite you to join us in commemorating Pride Month by delving into the rich narrative of “The Remains of the Body” and engaging in thought-provoking dialogue with Saikat Majumdar. To arrange a discussion or inquire further about hosting the author, please feel free to reach out to us. We are dedicated to ensuring a memorable and enriching experience and look forward to collaborating with you. Thank you for considering this exclusive invitation, and we eagerly await the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of human experiences through literature with you.

Title: ‘The Remains of the Body’

Author: Saikat Majumdar

Available: Amazon

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