The Politician Redux by Devesh Verma

The Politician Redux Odyssey of Chance

Odyssey of Chance

The much-awaited sequel to Devesh Verma’s critically acclaimed novel, The Politician (Viking, 2021)

When the Congress High Command vetoes Ram Mohan’s inclusion on his Cabinet in UP, Saansad ji appoints him as Member, UP Public Service Commission in Allahabad. Though non-political, the position has a high social status; Ram Mohan quickly takes a shine to it. And no sooner JP Movement, challenging the Congress regime, surges through a large part of India than Indira Gandhi’s hold on power begins look shaky. Ram Mohan, heaving another sigh of relief that none of the happenings in the political arena will affect his position, settles down to enjoying his tenure of six long years at the Commission. Things on the home front look settled too. The book traces the growth of the political frays in UP over the 70s till mid 80s.


Devesh Verma was associated with television journalism for over twenty-two years before he quit to complete his novel. He received the Sahitya Akademi Award for the translation of Sakhtiyat, Pas-Sakhtiyat Aur Mashriqi Sheriyat, an important literary and cultural theory text, from Urdu to Hindi in 2004.

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