The Forgotten Indian History

The Forgotten Indian History
  • Second volume of the riveting Story of the Sikhs series
  • A fascinating mix of history, verse in translation and storytelling at its finest
  • A unique read for lovers of all things non-fiction and history

In Cauldron, Sword and Victory: The Rise of Sikhs, author, Sarbpreet Singh, takes the reader across the tumultuous decades of the eighteenth century, the red-hot crucible in which the Sikhs were born.

Featuring a star cast of seers, mystics, conquerors and kings, this is more than just history and politics at play. This is a stage set with war, faith, schemes and intrigues. Singh’s first volume on the subject retold the history of the venerated Sikh Gurus. Now, he turns his attention to Guru Gobind Singh, the scheming emperors of Delhi and the conquering ambitions of Nadir Shah.

Bringing these volatile and clashing characters to life in a manner most vivid and compelling, Singh takes readers on travels across the length of the eighteenth century and the breadth of what was then the continent of Asia.

Based on a unique mix of secondary sources, eyewitness accounts of the Sikhs (written originally in Persian) as well as translations from Braj and Punjabi, Singh’s narrative is both erudite and engaging.

About the author

Sarbpreet Singh is a writer, podcaster and commentator. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed Night of the Restless Spirits and the bestselling The Camel Merchant of Philadelphia, and the writer-narrator of the Story of the Sikhs podcast, which has listeners in over ninety countries.

Title: ‘The Forgotten Indian History’

Author: Sarbpreet Singh

Available: Amazon

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