Penguin Random House Returns with a Brand-New Season of the Penguin Dialogues

Penguin returns with their monthly event series with an exclusive conversation between critically acclaimed authors Saikat Majumdar and Himanjali Sankar

Penguin Random House is thrilled to announce the return of The Penguin Dialogues, a unique series of literary events designed to foster meaningful conversations between authors and readers. This monthly event is set to create enriching dialogues, with each session reflecting the theme for the month. Open to the public, these events require no prior registration, inviting all literature enthusiasts to participate in the vibrant exchange of ideas and insights.

Following the resounding success of the inaugural year, Penguin’s curation for 2024 is as diverse as ever. While the last edition focused primarily on literary fiction, non-fiction, and translation, this year’s lineup aims to encompass a broader spectrum of topics—from history, politics, and the economy to the environment, art, and culture. With the privilege of publishing leading voices across genres, the Penguin Dialogues serves as a dynamic platform for publishers, authors, and readers to connect and engage.

Premanka Goswami, Associate Publisher Vintage and Head of Backlist Publishing, Penguin Random House India, says, “The Penguin Dialogues was curated to offer a symbiotic engagement between readers and Penguin’s prestigious titles. As observed during 2023, this series of conversations bridged the distance between book lovers and authors. The Dialogues offered book lovers an accessible platform to interact with their authors, have thought-provoking conversations, get their books inscribed, browse, and discover more books and take the event to a different height, which is beyond the idea of conventional book events. We’re thrilled to roll out the 2024 edition of The Penguin Dialogues and we sincerely hope that it’ll continue to disseminate multi-disciplinary thoughts and ideas around art, science, music, cinema, literature, anthropology, and culture, among others.”

Commencing the second season of the Penguin Dialogues and honouring Pride Month, the first event will feature acclaimed author Saikat Majumdar in conversation with fellow renowned author Himanjali Sankar. The theme for this session, Queering Literature: Exploring Intimacy through Writing, promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of diverse narratives and intimate storytelling. The event will take place on Saturday, 8 June, at 6 PM at Penguin at Kunzum, GK II, Delhi.

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