One Day Elsewhere Series by Marie Lenne-Fouquet, Adèle Tariel, Anne Loyer & Thomas Scotto Translated From The French by Nakashi Chowdhry

• Discover the stories of events that changed the 20th century in the illustrated One Day Elsewhere series

•  ‘One Day Elsewhere’ is a collection of 4 picture books that tell the story of individuals within the great history, through the eyes of a child. It is sometimes difficult for children to understand history and the notions of temporality, but they are easily excited about tales and stories, be they fictitious or about the lives of the people they know

•  A stunning collection of picture books that tell a story of historic importance from the 20th Century, through the eyes of a child an oil spill in France, the Dandi March, the Moon Landing and the fall of the Berlin Wall

•  Originally published in French and has been translated into several international languages

About the books

1.One Day Elsewhere: The Black Tide:1978, the Sinking of the Amoco Cadiz

Yann, the son of a fisherman in Portsall, loves selling fish at the port with his father. He lays out the ice, puts the fish on it and plays shop. But one day, the sea is very rough. The storm and the wind bring a terrible smell and devastating news: there has been a shipwreck and an oil spill!

2.One Day Elsewhere: A Cello On The Wall: 1989,the Fall of the Berlin Wall

While playing in the attic, Charlie discovers a cello that belonged to his grandmother. His parents had fled East Berlin with this cello many years ago, while Charlie’s grandparents are still on the other side of the wall. But the year is 1989 and revolt rumbles in the streets of Berlin to tear down the wall.

3.One Day Elsewhere: My Father’s Courage: 1930, Gandhi and the Salt March

Aslam helplessly witnesses his father’s arrest: he disobeyed the British authorities by harvesting salt, which was very heavily taxed. The boy is assailed with doubt. Why did his father break the law? Why doesn’t sea salt belong to everyone? When he learns that Gandhi is going to be marching through his village of Jalalpore, Aslam feels hopeful. He is the only one who can oppose the authorities and, maybe, free his father.

4.One Day Elsewhere: A Giant Leap: 1969, We Walked on the Moon

At home, June is waiting for a big event, the biggest of her life: the birth of the baby that’s in her mother’s belly. But in the hospital, on the street, everyone else is waiting for another big event: a man will walk on the Moon on 20 July 1969.

About the authors

Marie Lenne Fouquet: As a teacher trained to interact with disabled children, Marie gets her inspiration from her everyday life at school and in the little town where she lives, in the country. She shows a writing talent that you will probably hear about in the next few years.

Adèle Tariel: A journalist for youth magazines, Adèle has also published several picture books.

Anne Loyer: Bornin 1969, Anne was a journalist for fifteen years. A former blogger specializing in children’s literature, she has written more than seventy books for young readers and teenagers, with publishing houses like Thierry Magnier (CarBoy), Nathan, Alice jeunesse, Bulles desavon, À pas de loups, Frimousse, Editions des Braques, among others. Her books, always evoking the personal issues of contemporary young people, are often studied in schools and won many awards. Anne often sets up creative writing workshops for children in schools and libraries.

Thomas Scotto: Thomas shortened his French literature studies in Tours and started writing for children when he became a father and stayed home to care for his children. He likes alternating between light and serious intrigues, also writing detective novels and comic book scenarios. His poetic and subtle style offers rich, nuanced texts, as stimulating for the little ones as it is for adults. Now living in La Rochelle, Thomas likes meeting his young readers and organizing writing workshops for kindergarten, primary and middle school students

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