Naraka Cycle Chronicles by Sundar Nathan

Naraka Cycle Chronicles

Sundar Nathan, a tech industry professional turned author, is set to release an exhilarating mythological thriller, “Naraka Cycle Chronicles.” This series takes a bold and unique approach, presenting a fast-paced prequel to the Ramayana, narrated from the perspective of a teenage Ravan, the crown prince of Asurapura.

Unlike traditional Ramayana retellings, Nathan’s series embarks on an unconventional journey, offering a vivid exploration of Ravan’s life from his youth to his eventual destiny. The narrative delves into his training as a warrior-magician, spiritual journey as a Shiv-bhakt, and complex relationships with family, all while navigating the challenges of being a teenager. The story unfolds in the mythical continent of Naraka, revealing unexpected alliances with Nagas and Rakshasas, and unveiling shocking discoveries about Ravan’s family. 

Nathan, who has a background in Oracle, Microsoft, and Silicon Valley startups, brings a unique blend of technology and storytelling to the genre. Despite his professional pursuits, Nathan’s passion for the stories his mother and grandmother shared during his childhood led him to create “The Naraka Cycle” over a decade. This nine-book series is not just a retelling of the Ramayana; it’s a fusion of scriptures and history, a labor of love that required years of research, including learning Sanskrit to understand ancient texts better.

“I love fusing scriptures and history,” says Nathan. “The series is a reinterpretation, taking bits from different sources while staying true to the essence of the Ramayana.” Naraka, in Nathan’s context, represents one of the 14 loks, or continents, mentioned in mythology. The series unfolds across these continents, showcasing diverse cultures and traditions, providing a fresh perspective on the well-known epic.

Initially conceived as a trilogy, Nathan expanded the series into nine books due to the overwhelming response to the first installment, “Prince of Naraka.” He took the opportunity to refine the narrative, ensuring simplicity in language and a unique narrative style to resonate with the younger generation. Sundar Nathan‘s work has not gone unnoticed in literary and spiritual circles. Nathan’s commitment to sharing the joy of mythology with the younger generation is evident in his engaging storytelling and dedication to authenticity.

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