Murder, Mystery and Mayhem: 3 New Books From Saga Fiction

Book 1: The Only Way Out is Death by Varun Gwalani

Twelve powerful people are kidnapped and imprisoned in an empty hotel. Each of them have three choices:Live out the rest of their days peacefully in the hotel, Die by suicide so the rest of their companions can go free, Or murder one of their companions so they alone can go free. The Only Way Out is Death follows the story of these twelve people from the perspective of a young lawyer, Kiriaki, told as the events unfold. She has to forge uneasy alliances, navigate complex relationships and feuds, and, above all, try to stay alive. Meanwhile, the mastermind of this death game is lurking just out of view, watching them closely, making sure they are primed for murder.

Will Kiriaki find the mastermind before it’s too late for her? Will she outmanoeuvre the cutthroats before they cut her throat? There are twelve selfish lives in the hotel. Will it end in twelve selfish deaths?

About Varun

 Varun Gwalani is the author of three novels and multiple short story series, most of which will be featured on Saga! His work spans multiple genres and styles, sometimes in the same work itself, and focuses on mental health activism and awareness, particularly for OCD. He currently works as a teacher, enjoys reading fiction and gaming, and hates talking about himself in third person.

Book 2: Power of Nature by C.L. Peache

Harriett loves the solitude and healing power of the beach. As she settles into a new life, she cautiously tries to forge new friendships. When the handsome stranger on the beach strikes an unusual friendship with her, Harriet is almost convinced she has left her traumatic past behind. But, the discovery of a body on the beach sends her life into turmoil. Harriet is now questioning everything and everyone around her—even herself. Because Harriett has a secret. Her traumatic past means she cannot trust the memories of her earlier life. As suspicions around the dead body rise, questions are asked and investigations are being made. And Harriet is caught at the centre of the storm. Will Harriett’s past ruin her future forever? Will her memory return? Will love and the power of nature heal her past traumas?

About Clair

Clair enjoys reading, travelling, walking, kayaking, watching motorbike racing, socialising and drinking coffee and runs a writing studio in Newark to help encourage other writers. She loves writing but she lets her characters decide which story to tell, leaving her no say in it! Clair has dabbled in writing many different genres including; chick-lit, fantasy, horror and thriller.

Book 3: The Seance that Never Dies by M. Q. Nguyen

Maggie, an aspiring novelist who works as a middle school math teacher. This is all thrown in the wind when her daughter, 9-year-old Carrie passes away from bone cancer. Maggie will do just about anything to bring back her daughter. Nothing is below her. Not even communing with the dead.

When Maggie steals a shard of bone from Carrie’s urn in the ash scattering ceremony, she sets in motion a turn of events that will affect what’s left of her family and turn the people she cares most about against her. But Maggie doesn’t care. As long as she gets her daughter back. Not just a ghost story, this is a love story of a mother-anddaughter  whose bonds may never be broken. Not even death can pull them apart. When Carrie died, Maggie thought she had lost everything. When Carrie came back, she thought God had given her a second chance. But the Carrie that came back wasn’t the same…

“This Seance That Never Dies” is a haunting novella that shows a grief-stricken mother doing everything she can to be closer to her daughter. Eerie and atmospheric, the story will speak to anyone who has lost a loved one and to fans of horror/paranormal/suspense.

About M. Q. Nguyen

M. Q. Nguyen knew she wanted to be a writer early on. When she is not writing immense scenes for her works of fiction, she divides her time between contributing to music sites and editing web novels. You can usually find her at a local coffee shop, sipping on some iced coffee as she taps away at her keys. She is currently working on a slew of titles, hopefully to be released on Saga Fiction soon!

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