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Getting Dressed and Parking Cars by Alok Kejriwal

The Magical Story of Building a Gaming Company

An adrenaline-charged, minute-to-minute, nail-biting business adventure of Alok Kejriwal’s fourth entrepreneurial venture—Games2win.

Getting Dressed and Parking Cars captures the minute-to-minute, event-by-event, nail-biting business adventure of Alok Kejriwal’s fourth entrepreneurial venture—Games2win. The Walt Disney Company acquired Alok’s previous company. Games2win has been creating car parking and dress-up games online with the aim of becoming India’s most successful casual gaming start-up in the global market.

Each chapter in this book captures Alok’s real-life experience of building, scaling and routinely failing in his venture. The book throbs with adrenaline as Alok thrills readers with stories of his website traffic vanishing in thin air, his games getting stolen, his arrest and his partner’s amazing creation of ‘invisible’ ads. Getting Dressed and Parking Cars is not a book glorifying a successful start-up but a journey of business adventures that celebrates the spirit of ‘starting something’. Think of it as a playbook for professionals and entrepreneurs to create something new.

Penguin Random House

The Velvet Hotline | The mystery thriller debut of the year!

A gripping page-turner by IPS Officer Arsh Verma

Heart-pounding, bizarre, and mysterious

The Velvet Hotline: where suspense lurks in every corner.

Ayingbi Mayengbam, a well-meaning primary school teacher, wants to take on some part-time work over the summer, ideally a job through which she can help people. When her first day as a volunteer at a suicide hotline ends in her finding a dead body, she is done with this line of work. But soon, she is approached by the winsome Dr Rastogi, a man who runs another suicide hotline with a more altruistic approach, and she is unable to say no.

While initially shy and uncertain, Ayingbi learns quickly, her warmth and sincerity enabling her to connect well with callers, her fierce determination to save lives compensating for lack of experience. Over time, however, Ayingbi is confronted with an unfortunate realization: when working at a suicide hotline, you simply can’t save everyone. On top of that, there is something sinister afoot at Rastogi’s agency, least of which are the three phones in Ayingbi’s cubicle, one of which begins to ring without being plugged in . . .

‘Police officers get to see more of human nature, in its many aspects, than most people. Arsh Verma uses his experience and writing skills to give us an outstanding crime thriller’


Penguin Random House

 Teachings from the Ramayana on Family & Life by Shantanu Gupta

First of its kind Ramayana in the form of case studies for the happy families, endorsed by PM’s economic advisor Bibek Debroy.

‘Every Indian is familiar with the Ramayana. Shantanu Gupta’s book will make every reader relate to it’.

—Bibek Debroy

Yogi Adityanath’s biographer launches a unique book on Ramayana for families before the grand Ram temple inauguration.

Shantanu Gupta is the founder of The Vedic IQ and The Ramayana School, where he teaches life lessons from the Ramayana and other Indian scriptures to families across the globe. Shantanu has held workshops on life lessons from the Ramayana for thousands of participants across twenty-plus countries. Shantanu is also a part-time faculty at the Hindu University of America, Florida, where he teaches the Ramayana. Shantanu is the biogarpher of UP CM Yogi Aditynath, with his book titled – The Monk Who Became Chief Minister.

Restless Lives by Harish Bhat 
This is Harish Bhat as never seen before!

The modern age is characterized by speed, impersonality, and absurdity. It is easy to get caught up in the rush and forget the small, everyday things that string together to build the everyday.

Restless Lives offers an oasis of quiet contemplation. In this beautiful poetry collection, author Harish Bhat contemplates various aspects that make up daily life. At times pleasing, at others disturbing, the lines within these pages promise to give pause, inspire and stir emotion.

This is Harish Bhat as you have never seen him before.

Penguin Random House

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