What’s Your Story? by Adri Bruckner, Anjana Menon, Marybeth Sandell

      What’s Your Story?
The Essential Business Storytelling Handbook

“Authors Bruckner, Menon and Sandell weave a narrative which is peppered with real-life experiences that they’ve had as business journalists and make for a compelling argument qua communication in this brilliantly simple, yet delightfully insightful book ‘What’s your Story?.

In a world which is seeing a kind of information and communication overload like never before, this book will help you set yourself apart and make all you say, more memorable and worth cherishing. This is more than a self-help book. It is more a make-all-you-say memorable in every which way.”

– Suhel Seth

About the Book

Are you trying to build your profile as a leader?
Are you using social media to your advantage?
Is your communication clear and free of jargon?
When do you choose to produce a video, podcast, or an event?
Does your message come through loud and clear?

In a world where we send 500 million tweets a day and upload hundreds of hours of video every minute, you need to be able to cut through the noise. The secret is to become a good storyteller. With easy-to-follow, effective tools and tips, this book will help you achieve your communications goals, no matter what role you play in your organization.

Everyone loves a good story, but only a few can tell it well.
Be authentic, be authoritative, and be heard!

Advance Praise

“A compelling read, and a must have for anyone in the communications business because of its simplicity, clarity and, above all, some insightful insider tips. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned professional or a neophyte, there is something valuable for you to learn. A book like this was long overdue.”

– Jaspreet Binda, author of best selling book The Tech Whisperer.


 “I go through 100+ startup pitches each month. Angel investors like to invest in two things: the person, and the story. This book will help any entrepreneur sharpen their pitch and tell their story.”

– Jose Berengueres, Angel Investor, Professor of Visualization and author of books on Data Viz and Design.

“This book is an informative read for corporate communicators and executives: whether you are experienced or just starting your career, there is something to be gained.  The examples are very helpful and great reminders of how to ensure you are connecting to those you want to reach.”

– Teresa Spangler, CEO of PlazaBridge Group, entrepreneur, author, and founder of GameDay Decisions Analytics Platform.

About the Authors

Adri Bruckner is a creative communications professional with experience in journalism as well as PR. She won an award for crisis communications for her work at Central European University. Now based in Barcelona, Adri develops communications strategy and produces storytelling content for corporate and non-profit clients, and is currently working on her first novel.

Anjana Menon runs Content Pixies, guiding global companies on critical content strategy. She is a consultant to CEOs and policymakers, a speaker at global conferences and a columnist. She worked for Bloomberg News in financial centres across two continents, managed and anchored a national TV channel and is a founder-editor of Mint. She divides her time between London and Delhi.

Marybeth Sandell has chased corporate news stories around the world, working for Bloomberg in Stockholm, London, Zurich and New York. She taught communications and journalism at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and is the co-author of Introduction to Data Visualization and Storytelling: A Guide for the Data Scientist. Based in Stockholm, Marybeth heads group employee and leadership communications for Electrolux.

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