We, The Citizens: Strengthening the Indian Republic by Khyati Pathak, Anupam Manur and Pranay Kotasthane

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WE, THE CITIZENS Strengthening the Indian Republic by Khyati Pathak, Anupam Manur and Pranay Kotasthane

… the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.
— Walt Whitman

What is a republic? How do markets work?
What is the role of society in bringing about change?

These may be abstract questions, but they have a concrete impact on all of us.

Khyati Pathak

We, the citizens, live at the intersection of the Indian state, market and society. Yet, many of us are unaware of what these entities stand for, how they interact with each other, and how they touch
our lives.

We, The Citizens, by Khyati Pathak, Anupam Manur and Pranay Kotasthane, decodes public policy in the Indian context in a graphical narrative format relatable to readers of all ages. If you want to be an engaged citizen, aspire to be a positive change-maker, or wish to understand our sociopolitical environment, this book is for you. The idea of India was an audacious dream. The fulfilment of this dream lies upon We, the citizens.

Anupam Manur

About the Author

Khyati Pathak is an IT consultant turned artist who looks at the world like it’s a puzzle waiting to be solved. She creates comic artwork on not-so-comic themes such as politics, feminism, environment and culture.
Anupam Manur is an assistant professor at the Takshashila Institution. His research interests lie at the intersection of economics, technology, and public policy. He writes on platform economics, international trade, India’s ongoing jobs crisis, and on economic policy. He edits the Indian Public Policy Review, a peer reviewed and open-access journal of economics, public policy and strategy. Pranay Kotasthane is deputy director at the Takshashila Institution, where he is a researcher and teacher of public policy, foreign policy and public finance. Pranay is the co-author of the public policy bestseller Missing in Action: Why You Should Care about Public Policy (2023) and When the Chips are Down: A Deep Dive into a Global Crisis (2023).

Pranay Kotasthane

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