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From The Heart Of Nature by Pamela Malhotra

This is an amazing story behind the creation of a private forest sanctuary in India. In this deeply fascinating and inspiring personal journey, Pamela recounts how she connected and communicated with animals and trees both at a physical and spiritual level, and how understanding and preservation of nature is the only way to save mankind.

Called ‘Noah’s Ark’ by an Oxford University scientist, the SAI Sanctuary is an example of how nature exists on a delicate balance. You cannot destroy nature and you cannot rearrange it without serious consequences to your existence! A book by the Nari Shakti Award-winning writer and co-founder of SAI Sanctuary, Pamela Malhotra

Boys Don’t Cry by Meghna Pant

Based on a true story, it is an unputdownable tale of a marriage made in hell. It is a story of abuse and crime and takes you behind the closed doors of a modern Indian marriage.  

With Boys Don’t Cry, Meghna Pant captivates you the way very few books do. A work of power, intimacy and magic.  

– Anees Salim, Author

A story that screams––don’t mess with women.

– Shobhaa De, Author

With this exquisite, uplifting and courageous novel, one of India’s best authors strikes and kills, yet again.

– Aditi Mittal, Comedian

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