Unlocked by Gezim Gashi

The world is changing so fast. What used to take twelve years of post-secondary education to learn can now be done in seconds with an app. In many ways, there has never been a better time to be an amateur. The world has moved on, from a pandemic too, and some of the most experienced people have been left behind.
We cannot know what technology will appear tomorrow, the next TikTok/ Threads or what streaming service will replace YouTube. We don’t know what will replace the jobs taken by robotics or even what it will mean to “work” in the next few decades.
Yet, there are abilities that can prepare us for whatever the future holds—UNLOCKED by Gezim Gashi is just that for you.
Gezim Gashi, a former refugee from Kosovo, was thrown out of a second-floor hospital window by his mother to escape the genocide in Kosovo. Gashi was born in Pristina, Kosovo, in 1990. Just three days later, the parliament declared independence from Serbia, prompting a military invasion. Serbian soldiers stormed the hospital new-born Gezim was staying in. Rumours swirled that a genocide was underway, and soldiers were giving children injections to make them ill — or worse. Faced with no other choice, Gezim was tossed out of a second-floor window.

Unlocked: The Power of You proves that unlocking our authentic selves unleashes our greatest potential in a no-limits, post-pandemic world. While sharing his remarkable story-from escaping the Kosovo genocide to Sweden to speaking at Harvard University as the first Albanian-Swede to ever launch a high school institute in the United States- Gezim Gashi maps the way to personal success and fulfillment for the reader. Gezim Gashi is currently on the ‘Unlocked: The Book Tour’ in North America with stops such as Harvard University and A&M University to encourage people to reach the next level in life.

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