To you with love by Shravya Bhinder

To you with love by Shravya Bhinder

From the bestselling author of ‘Something I Never Told you’

Right from their childhood, Sahil and Arya have been very different from each other. While Sahil is careless, carefree, ‘new money’ and ‘the brat’, Arya is too sensitive, reserved, shy and not easy to talk to. And that is probably what attracts Sahil to her. Slowly and very delicately their story progresses, and in comes love and things begin to take on a golden hue.

However, soon their life begins to unravel. Sahil learns why Arya is so private when the most damning truth about her life is revealed. And as soon as they cross that bridge and move on, another cruel blow threatens to tear them apart.

It’s now about a life beyond life, and about a love somewhere among the stars

About the author

Shravya loves to keep an eye out for stories she feels are hidden all around her and then write them down. Formerly a corporate employee, she managed to flee the corporate madness after a few years of boredom, to become a full-time writer. She is a sucker for romance and strives to pen down exciting stories. When she is not reading and writing, she is out enjoying nature, playing with her dogs or cooking for her family.

She lives in Melbourne with her family, in a house with a barren backyard and a lifetime’s collection of books. She is the bestselling author of Something I Never Told You.

Title: To you with love
Author: Shravya Bhinder
Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads
Available: Amazon

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