The Times We Live In by Madhav Thapar

The Times We Live In. This is a world of terror and treachery, but also patriotism and hope. Spanning the seven decades and more since India and Pakistan gained Independence; it cleverly juxtaposes references to true events with a tale of different generations of two families separated by the bloodiest partition ever.

At the centre of the narrative is the hunt for the
dreaded terrorist, code named Cobra. As the faceless enemy spreads his
tentacles of terror, the Indian RAW is in relentless pursuit, and the body
count rises. The action shifts rapidly from scene to scene across three
continents and multiple timelines.

Yet, this is not a thriller alone. In his trademark
style, the author brings forward various aspects of human drama: love,
sacrifice and family values, even as he unravels the motivation and machinations
of a criminal mind.

Suspense till the very end, and twists and turns throughout.

Title: The Times We Live In
Author: Madhav Thapar
Publisher:  Evincepub Publishing
Available: Amazon

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