The Secret Of Archery by Alessio Zanelli

‘Questing, quizzical, lyric and tender, the poems in The Secret Of Archery quiver with light and the energy of language, giving import and illumination to worlds both inner and outer. The reader will be taken on beautiful and essential journeys.’

Penelope Shuttle

‘The poetry in The Secret Of Archery is a subtle blend of bright, painterly imagery and a deeper emotional chiaroscuro that hints at a darker meaning behind even the lightest descriptions of place and experience. It is this delicate, inherently cogent duality that will engage and stimulate the reader.’

Kevin Bailey, editor of HQ Poetry Magazine

‘Alessio Zanelli has absorbed a distinct English vocabulary. He works through language and history towards a state of exile from his Italian heritage, finding refuge in expressive forms reminiscent of the philosophical poetry of the forties. He is not nostalgic, rather, The Secret Of Archery has a pinpoint accuracy in seeing the self ‘shaking in tension’ being pulled by forces larger than itself, which makes this a striking collection.’

David Caddy, editor of Tears in the Fence

‘Zanelli is an original and surprising poet, unusually skilled at distilling significance from the apparently casual and trivial. This is exactly the reverse of what many of us attempt to do by indulging in grand statements and resorting to elaborate and effusive narratives. Minor events and little things, also, can give shape and sense to what we are and do. Zanelli knows this very well. The poems in The Secret Of Archery, even more than his previous work, love to investigate a somewhat lesser world, bringing to light a wider meaning to our everyday lives.’

Alistair Paterson, former editor of Poetry New Zealand

Title: The Secret Of Archery
Author: Alessio Zanelli
Publisher: Greenwich Exchange, London
Available: Amazon

About the Author

Alessio Zanelli, born in 1963 in Cremona, Italy, has long adopted English as his creative language. As of the early 2000s, his work has appeared extensively in literary magazines from 13 countries, whereas The Secret Of Archery represents his fifth original collection. He works as a private wealth advisor and, besides poetry, his hobbies and passions include painting, scenic photography and long-distance running.

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