The Road and The Lamp by Dr Savita B Singh

The Road and The Lamp speaks of the different kinds of human bonds, on the road of life. It stresses the importance of our karma in determining some of the major events of our lives and in deciding the destination of the human soul, beyond the frontiers of life.

— Khurshid Alam, Editor-in-Chief, Contemporary Literary Review India.

Vasant and Kanchan are a young, loving, married couple. One day Kanchan happens to buy a painting of a young western woman, painted by a French artist, many decades ago. A friend and colleague of Vasant, Dr Sarkar, likes this painting so much, that Kanchan gifts it away to him.

The Road and The Lamp

Then a curious thing happens one night. While travelling on a train, Dr Sarkar meets a young woman, who is a replica of the woman in the painting, except for her Indian complexion. This woman is Chitra. The mainstream of the story is the bonding between a poor, orphaned Chitra, hounded by past terrors, and Dr Sarkar, who has an extremely wealthy background, and a stable, staid persona.

Dr Savita B Singh was born in Jhansi (UP) and spent her childhood in various cities including Pune, Pachmari and Calcutta. She finished her schooling from St Mary’s School, Pune. Further she did her MBBS and MD (General Medicine) from BJ Medical College, Pune. She served as a physician in several hospitals in Pune.

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