The Portrait of a Secret by Tarun Mehrishi

About The Book

Senior IAS officer Kamal learns of the theft of two paintings worth Rs 400 crore from an agricultural research centre of the Indian government. At nearly the same time, India’s chief of intelligence learns of an impending nuclear strike by a terror group from his high-ranking mole in the ISI.

Their worlds collide as Kamal races to unravel the theft and recover the paintings, and the intelligence chief comes to realize that the sale of the paintings will fund the terror strike. As they frantically work to prevent the sale, the paintings reveal a secret buried in the history of Indian cinema and the fires of Partition, which will forever alter global geopolitical equations.

With everything at stake, Indian intelligence battles the ISI and the CIA for control over the secret with every resource at its disposal, until one man decides the fate of the world.

Tarun Mehrishi

About the Author

Tarun Mehrishi is a lawyer from the National Law School in Bengaluru and a graduate of the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. He has worked as a corporate lawyer with two of India’s leading law firms, as the chief operating officer for a sports marketing company in Delhi, and as the head of consulting for India’s leading sports marketing outfit. In addition to writing, Tarun is currently pursuing his other passion in entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of Astylos Energy, an EV start-up. Once an avid sportsperson, age and the lack of fitness have converted him into an avid golfer, one that is self-proclaimed as getting better each day. Tarun lives in Delhi with his wife, Aastha, and son, Shaurya, and his parents, Rajiv and Mira.

Tarun Mehrishi

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