The Portrait of a Secret: A Novel Inspired by True Events by Tarun Mehrishi

The Portrait of a Secret, Tarun Mehrishi’s debut novel, is now a NATIONAL BESTSELLER, having hit the magical number of 10,000 copies sold!

To book has a second reason to celebrate, with its the adaptation rights having been acquired by Mr. Harinder Sikka, the noted author of ‘Calling Sehmat’, which was itself adapted to screen as ‘Raazi’, starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal. Calling Sehmat is rated amonst the world’s best 50 books ever written on espionage and given their shared interest for the world of spy craft and intrigue, Mr. Sikka and Tarun will now work together to finalize the script for screen.

Speaking on the acquisition, Mr. Sikka said “The Portrait of a Secret is a fantastic read, seamlessly blending fiction with reality and genuinely living up to the word ‘unputdownable’. The first time I read it, I could immediately see that the story held tremendous potential for screen and I am glad that we will be able to work together to mount the project at the scale that it deserves. Our authors deserve more than what they get today and this partnership will mark our first step in that direction.”

The Portrait of a Secret is an unputdownable and captivating thriller and continues to be the most talked about page-turner this year, garnering hundreds of reviews across platforms. The book was featured on Sonali Bendre’s list of recommendations and also found love from several leading lights in Bollywood, including Swara Bhaskar, Kirti Kulhari and Samir Soni.

Tarun Mehrishi

About the Book

The work of historical fiction is woven around the story of a patriot, who is faced with the impossible choice between self-preservation and duty.

Amitabh has spent a career battling India’s enemies, domestic and foreign and now, in the winter of his illustrious career, as India’s Chief of Intelligence, he is faced with his most daunting challenge yet – averting a nuclear strike against his homeland that he knows very little about – except that it is coming.

As Indian intelligence brings all of its resources to bear to uncover the truth, Amitabh’s path crosses that of Kamal’s, a senior IAS officer, who has been investigating the theft of two priceless paintings from India and working to apprehend their thief. Their worlds collide as each realizes that the other holds the key to accomplishing their missions.

Even as they begin to work together, the paintings reveal a secret that was thought to have been lost in the fires of partition. Holding the potential to permanently alter global geopolitical equations, the discovery unleashes a global battle between the RAW, the ISI and the CIA, as each agency scrambles for control over the secret. London becomes the final battleground, innocent lives and intelligence assets built over decades ruthlessly sacrificed, for something far more valuable – control over the Indian sub-continent.

Everything is at stake till one man is forced to make a choice – one that will decide the fate of the world.

About the author

Tarun is a lawyer from the National Law School in Bengaluru and a graduate of the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. He has worked as a corporate lawyer with two of India’s leading law firms, as the chief operating officer for a sports marketing company in Delhi, and as the head of consulting for India’s leading sports marketing outfit. In addition to writing, Tarun is currently pursuing his other passion in entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of an EV start-up. Once an avid sportsperson, age and the lack of fitness have converted him into an avid golfer, one that is self-proclaimed as getting better each day. Tarun lives in Delhi with his wife, Aastha, and son, Shaurya, and his parents, Rajiv and Mira.

Tarun Mehrishi

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