The Petty Gangster by Debaprasad Mukherjee

The novel is based in and around Rajgangpur, a small town in Western Odisha. Laltu, the protagonist, is a spoilt brat who plays nasty tricks, and gets embroiled with a gang to commit a burglary. Yet he has a soft core that loves to sing, has a ladylove in Poly, and a genuine mate in Madhab.

At the prime of his youth Laltu discovers his illegitimacy of birth prior to meeting his future mentor, Dr. Bishwaroop, in the most bizarre manner. 

Laltu’s prospective mother-in-law throws up an impossible challenge at him in order to obtain the hand of Poly. He accepts the same in a surge of temerity. He is rebuked, but he progresses to fulfill his task, however uphill, with determination. He gets encouragement from the most unexpected quarters in the process. 

Once the task fulfilled, he realises how insignificant his goal had been. He sets ahead towards a greater goal mingling with the eternity.

Title:  The Petty Gangster
 Author:  Debaprasad Mukherjee
 Publisher:  Notion Press
 Available: Amazon

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