The Moving Type by Devika Sharma

The Moving Type written and illustrated by a community of over 100 contributors from around the globe, is a unique approach to writing in the book community. Created in the midst of a global pandemic, the strongest chapters were born from the toughest times.

Dubai, UAE November 2023: The Moving Type, is a creative worldwide collaboration between writers and illustrators to augment a new visionary and shared approach to writing a book. Written by over one hundred contributors each chapter carries its own style, its own agenda, its own voice written by different contributors. The Moving Type was project co-ordinated by Devika Sharma, a marketing professional from Dubai and took six years for The Moving Type to move from a concept to a year-long digital collaboration between writers from the UAE, Australia, UK, Canada, India, USA and more. Devika Sharma comments, “It was incredible to connect with complete strangers from all over the world who couldn’t be more different from each other, and yet, here we were creating a beautiful little cocoon that we could escape to by just doing what brings us unparalleled happiness and purpose.”

Devika Sharma

Due to the nature of the narrative, The Moving Type takes readers through a journey of adventure, suspense and romance following main character, Nadia, who becomes unwillingly entangled in pharmaceutical corrpution after receiving cryptic messages from an anonymous source when a virus continues to spread across the city of Matana. Taken against her own will, Nadia becomes the test subject of a grueling medical trial and is injected with a deep purple dose. With friends turning to foes, loyalty turning to betrayal and antidote turning to obsession in a capitalist pursuit of Matana, will Nadia ever escape the hands of corruption? Or will the colour purple stay true to its meaning of wealth, power and ambition for the corrupt.

Readers looking for a suspenseful fast paced book full of action, with a twist of different ideas from over 100 contributors, can enjoy The Moving Type’s narrative:

“Personally, I am not very familiar with books written by over a hundred contributors. I was slightly afraid that the differences in writing styles would take away the flow of the book. But this book is so well-edited, that even though different authors focused on different aspects and characters, the book doesn’t lose its flow!” – All Books Great and Small

Devika Sharma

About the author

Devika Sharma, Project Co-Ordinator of The Moving Type – Unique in storyline and creation, this book project was written and illustrated by 122 contributors from around the globe. Devika Sharma, Project co-ordinator of The Moving Type resides in Dubai as a marketing professional and entrepreneur always searching for the next best creative project. “The strongest chapters are born from the toughest times. Each chapter carries its own style, its own agenda, its own voice. Even if there wasn’t a big heading separating each chapter, you would be able to navigate the changes each writer had implemented working on the story. In theory, this seems like a potential disaster but it was fascinating to see how the storyline could pass from one writer to the next seamlessly.”

Devika Sharma

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