The Meaning of India by Raja Rao

The Meaning of India embarks on a journey to paint India as more than just a geographically contained place. It is a philosophically rich space that provides one with a perspective that is simultaneously unique to the individual and universal to Indian civilization.

Seamlessly moving from one school of Indian philosophy to another as only Raja Rao can, this remarkable collection of essays also acts as a blueprint for the creation of the country’s wisdom (through its philosophies) and power (through its history, people, colonization and independence). The essays traverse various parts of India (and the world)-from political capitals to villages and shrines-to find common ground in the midst of multiplicities, and also looks deep within the individual, the self, the transcendence of meaning beyond the material. Ultimately, Rao finds the meaning of India in multiplicity and borderlessness, in the external and internal negotiations of every human being.

Title :  The Meaning of India
Author :  Raja Rao
Publisher :  Penguin
Available :  Amazon

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