The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid

New Delhi, August 2022: Penguin Random House India is excited to announce the acquisition and publication of the internationally bestselling author Mohsin Hamid’s upcoming work of speculative fiction, The Last White Man. The book is scheduled to release in August under Penguin’s Hamish Hamilton imprint and is currently available for preorder on all major e-commerce websites.

Exploring themes such as human connection, love, loss, and identity through a socio-cultural lens, The Last White Man is a topical and relevant book for the times we are in and is the perfect fit for fans of Kafka’s Metamorphosis. The story follows the protagonist Anders through a tumultuous time after his skin turns dark, following similar occurrences across the land. Readers join Anders on his journey in search of answers as his bonds with his family and his lover are tested.

Author Mohsin Hamid said, ‘It is a book not just about loss, but about hope and optimism, about a new kind of world being born. I’m looking forward to having it be in the world.’

Meru Gokhale, Publisher, Penguin Random House India, said, ‘Mohsin Hamid is one of the most engaging and thought-provoking global voices in contemporary literature. We are proud of our longstanding relationship with him at Penguin, and delighted and to continue to bring his writing to Indian readers. The Last White Man will surprise you. I can’t wait for people to read it.

About the author

Mohsin Hamid is the author of four novels – Moth Smoke, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia and Exit West, and a book of essays, Discontent and Its Civilizations. His writing has been featured on bestseller lists, adapted for the cinema, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, selected as winner or finalist of twenty awards, and translated into forty languages. Born in Lahore, he has spent about half his life there and much of the rest in London, New York and California.

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