The Dark Lord by Nihar Sharma

The Dark Lord is the journey of two best friends; Vikram and Aaditya. One of them is prodigy soul and after millennia, the one is born and for whom Gods and Devils are looking for, to unlock the vault where the most powerful weapon is kept. The truce is broken between gods and devils, the conspiracy, the grand plot starts against the greatest power…

Vikram and Aaditya lost their lives and their souls separated from one another and traveled through different known and unknown, hidden and dangerous worlds to reach at their destinies.

Who will land his hands on weapon first? Is Naduse, the Lord of underworld able to take his revenge against the King of Gods? Will the Prince of Gods prove his credentials to divine court? Who is the prodigy soul? And what happens when the weapon falls into the wrong hands.

Title: The Dark Lord
Author: Nihar Sharma
Publisher: Bigfoot Publications
Available: Amazon

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