The bliss of solitude by Surbhi Islam

The bliss of solitude highlights the various facets of womanhood, love, self motivation, introspection and the delicacy of relationships. It also cocks a snook at the bizarre rules of the society and the contemporary religious and political situation in our country.

Every sensitive person has the propensity to think deeply about everything that happens around. Therefore, the book attempts to let the voice of solitude spread and echo in the corridors of human heart.
The book will give the readers a variety of poetic flavours.

Title: The bliss of solitude
Author: Surbhi Islam
Publisher: Notion Press
Available: Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press Store

About the Author

Surbhi Islam is currently pursuing her higher studies in English literature. Writing for her is a respite that she seeks in the lap of literature. Her love for literature is sublime in nature which has made her a voracious reader too. A polyglot, Surbhi wheels her pen with remarkable panache and creates the finest literature in Hindi, English and Bengali as well. Her latest collection of Hindi poetry (transcribes in English) is the reflection of her varied experiences about life. A foot-loose, she rambles at many places, interacts with people and derives inspiration from the humblest souls and the objects around her.  

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