Teachings from the Ramayana on Family & Life this Diwali by Shantanu Gupta

‘Every Indian is familiar with the Ramayana. Shantanu Gupta’s book will make every reader relate to it’. 

—Bibek Debroy 

With the help of twenty-five stories from the Ramayana, this book offers essential life lessons for a happy family life. Throwing light on challenging real-life scenarios that often perplex us, Teachings from the Ramayana offers simple ways to negotiate those challenges. From how to effectively deal with negative company to the value of meaningful friendship and the importance of a good guide—this book is packed with ideas, drawn from the great epic, that you can put to use in your day-to-day life. Through this personal engagement with the Ramayana you can find solutions to life’s many problems. 

Shantanu Gupta

First of its kind Ramayana in the form of case studies for the happy families,endorsed by PM’s economic advisor Bibek Debroy

This interactive edition, which includes sections for readers to take notes in and reflect on their reading experience, offers a set of thought-provoking questions after each life lesson for the whole family to ponder on, as well as reflection exercises to revise and rehearse the lessons.  

“Teachings from the Ramayana on Family & Life is an invitation to bring your family together, learn, and grow. A must-have for families, mythology enthusiasts, self-help readers, trainers, and coaches. 

About the Author 

Shantanu Gupta is the founder of The Vedic IQ and The Ramayana School, where he teaches life lessons from the Ramayana and other Indian scriptures to families across the globe. Shantanu has held workshops on life lessons from the Ramayana for thousands of participants across twenty-plus countries. Shantanu is also a part-time faculty at the Hindu University of America, Florida, where he teaches the Ramayana. Shantanu is the biogarpher of UP CM Yogi Aditynath, with his book titled – The Monk Who Became Chief Minister.

Shantanu Gupta

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