Taken For Granted by Sneha Sah

Sneha Sah’s latest novel “Taken For Granted” is a novel that can be enjoyed by the readers of any age group. This is second book by the author after “Love Never Dies”. The cover, the blurb and the overall impression of the book promised a simple yet interesting romance. Sneha has done really a great job with her second novel much in the same genre. “Taken For Granted” is a novel which tries to address the issue of a simple girl who wants to have a simple life yet faces lot of challenges in love and her usual life as well. Author Sneha Sah’s second book in the world of English fiction writing has been tremendous because he has been received warmly into the love of the writers and also the readers have shown a great response to her book “Taken For Granted” published by Evincepub Publishing, a self-publishing company in India. This is a novel which mainly features the love, relationships, betrayal, and eventually, a kind of purgatory for one of the characters who is also, luckily, the narrator of the novel.

The Theme: The story of the novel revolves around a girl
named Kiara who born in a small town of Bihar. Major theme in the novel is of
love and friendship. Kiara had very small friend circle of only two friends.
She was living a simple yet boring life. She faces the biggest change of her
life on her 17th birthday. She receives a new phone at her 17th birthday, and
got a call from unknown person. She felt that she began to love that unknown
person named Rishav. She experiences all the emotions of love like care, anger,
sometimes ignorance too. She helped him every time he needed her, by the
emotion, money and many other things. Her mother told her not to involve too
much with the boy but she ignored her. By the time when Rishav went for further
studies their relationship ruined by their anger. Kiara felt that he is
ignoring her for another girl which was lastly clarify by Rishav after a long
year. This event becoming the catalyst for the creation of numerous new
relationships throughout her life and the destruction of old ones.

As she left everyone for Rishav, now, she has no one to turn back on her previous life. The pain of break-up was eating away at her and she sacrificed so many of her relationships. She witnesses second and matured stage of her life that was her job. She got selected for Probationary Officer and her training had started at Bhopal. Broken Kiara trying to reform her life again. Damaged Kiara still trying to trust again. What will be the result of this new trust? Will she be successful? Or, again she will get hurt and pains? Find our all these answers in the beautiful story of Sneha Sah, “Taken For Granted”.

The Narration: The narration has been kept simple and in first person throughout the book. And then, readers can easily guess that the narrator is just the character which might have inspired the author, Sneha Sah in this case, to weave the fiction called Taken For Granted. The title stays true to the narration and story as she was taken for granted by those she loved.

The Author: Sneha is a banker turn author of contemporary romance. While her days saw account ledgers, the evenings are spent creating some of the most versatile stories based on real life experiences. Her first book “Love Never dies” was published with Notion Press. Sneha lives in Bangalore, and is fond of almost every corner of the country. Born to multilingual parents, she is liberal to ideas, and conservative to her beliefs. She loves to travel and meet people and write down the blend of personal and popular experiences into exotic novels. She started writing contemporary romance right after her school, and this is her second novel. She aspires to become a full time author, of both contemporary and historical romance.

Title:  Taken For Granted
Author: Sneha Sah
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Available: Amazon

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