Supernovais by Faiz Yusuf

Supernovais a coming-of-age story of how a person gets more than what he wishes for and loses more than he could bear. It is a result of when years later from a car accident and completely disappearing from the scenes, Ezra, a former well-known musician, decides to takes his narrative in his own hands from way media had twisted it previously.

Born as an orphan, things line up for Ezra in a way that he sees himself at the top of the world before realising what can push you up can pull you down too- with an even greater force.

In his own words, Ezra explains, “This story is not about how to achieve your dreams, though I did. This story is also not about how love arrives and leaves at unexpected times, even though it did. And again, this story is also not about how life is not a wish-granting factory and there will be a time you’ll be blamed for mistakes you never made, though I indeed was. This story is about everything that takes place in between those lines- the good, the bad and the worst, and that life will keep moving on no matter what, at a pace, you would mostly have little control over.”

About the Author

Faiz Yusuf is a three-time published author and has written for Times of India, The Orbit and other publications. Currently pursuing his Bachelors from Ashoka University, he has worked for UNESCO, United Nations Global Compact, HarperCollins and Penguin Random House India and is a recipient of various literary awards as well as chaired numerous national level events. His compositions have been featured on YourQuote and Blossom of Poetry.

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