SuperCentury: What India Must Do to Rise by 2050 by Raghav Bahl

What is it about the Indian psyche that makes us so incapable of fulfilling our promise as a nation? Why are we so averse to risk, resigned to mediocrity and mired in a collective lack of confidence? India has so much potential but seems forever stuck on the brink of actualization, unable to muster the political will and geo-economic force to clear the final bar. The stakes are higher than ever, and India’s moment is now. 

But where should we turn first-to our troubles at home, or to the global challenges of terrorism, tyranny, ethnic conflict, mass migration, civil war and climate change? The fact is, India’s foreign and domestic agendas are inextricably intertwined, and neither can advance without the other. They must be addressed simultaneously if we are to thrive as a nation; the world is moving too fast to allow us to deal with one set of problems before moving on to the next. We simply don’t have that kind of time. In Super Century, Raghav Bahl offers a cogent and candid assessment of how we got where we are and a clear blueprint of what we need to do, both at home and in the world, to fulfil our promise going forward.

About the Author

Raghav Bahl is a writer, editor and broadcast journalist, and entrepreneur. In his first innings as the founder of Network18, he created two media companies, valued at over a billion dollars apiece, from scratch. He has the unique distinction of successfully partnering with competing media giants, including Bloomberg, CNN, Viacom, CNBC, A&E Networks, and Forbes. In the 90s, he was nominated as a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum; he also won the prestigious Sanskriti Award for News.

In his second innings, he has pioneered digital/mobile-first journalism in India with The Quint. His columns and video blogs are assiduously followed by Internet millennials. His two earlier books, SuperPower? The Amazing Race Between China’s Hare and India’s Tortoise and SuperEconomies: America, India, China, and the Future of the World, have been bestsellers. He did Economics Honors from St Stephen’s College, followed by a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Delhi.

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