Sufi by Aabid Surti

 The Invisible Man of the Underworld

A real-life Dickensian fable

Sufi is the story of two boys who grew up in Dongri, Mumbai. 
One of them, Iqbal Rupani, aided and abetted by a corrupt policeman, is drawn towards criminal activities in his teens. As he becomes powerful and influential as a racketeer and smuggler, he creates a puritan code of conduct for himself: no drinking, no smoking and no murders. He comes to be known as ‘Sufi’ because of his principles and philosophical manner of speaking. 
The other boy, Aabid Surti, grows up to become a famous author. 
How did the lives of these two boys, which began on such a similar note, diverge so drastically? This book presents an astonishing real-life story, with the sweep and scale of Kane and Abel, told by one of India’s most beloved storytellers.

Title: Sufi: The Invisible Man of the Underworld
Author: Aabid Surti
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Available: Amazon

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