Small Wins Every Day by Luke Coutinho

Small Wins Every Day

Our biggest lifestyle release of the year, Small Wins Every Day, by Luke Coutinho. In Small Wins Every Day, Luke presents a simple premise with powerful results, teaching you to rewire your brain for success. The hack? Break down your goals into small wins that you can achieve every day. Stacked over time, these contribute to significant lifestyle changes, good health and happiness.

In a world full of complexity, simplicity is the new luxury.
It is in simplicity that we find peace, freedom, joy and great health in all ways.
The foundation of every small win in this book is simplicity.

Simple and bite-sized but packed with a punch, here are 100 powerful ways to transform your life and health.

Nothing is as daunting as a goal. Many of us struggle with achieving them – be it in life, health, love and career. When you set unrealistic goals and keep failing, your intelligently designed brain tries to protect you from the pain and negative emotions that come with failure. Simple and bite-sized but packed with a punch, here are 100 wins to change your life.

Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho is a bestselling author of four books. He is the Founder of Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems, Preventive Healthcare and Disease, YOUCare Wellness Program, India’s first ethical food and lifestyle platform, and LSI – Education, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. He is an icon in the field of health and wellness with a massive social-media following.

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