SIVAKAMI’S VOW by Nandini Vijayaraghavan

SIVAKAMI’S VOW by Nandini Vijayaraghavan


  • Kalki’s Sivakami’s Vow is a classic in Tamil literature
  • This translation is the first in the four-volume series

Paranjyothi’s Journey, the first in the four-volume series, is a riveting tale of war, betrayal, secret passages, guarded forts, passions and a Pallava emperor who will do anything to save his kingdom. Published by Penguin Random House India, translated by Nandini Vijayaraghavan, Sivakami’s Vow is a well-paced thriller set in seventh-century India. It was originally written by Kalki, a master storyteller who raised Tamil literature and history to new heights almost single-handedly.

Sivakami’s Vow narrates the storyline of different characters across generations, appealing to readers who like history and adventure. It captures a young man, who trudged from a tiny Chola village to Kanchi, the great city of art and learning, hoping to discover his destiny; a bikshu, who wandered around the Pallava empire, befriending lonely souls; spies, who lurked in the shadows, and even statues of the Lord Buddha conceal secrets. It highlights how Emperor Mahendra Pallava, connoisseur beyond compare, ruled with compassion and justice, while his son, Kumara Chakravarthy Narasimhar, fell deeply in love with the greatest dancer of the empire, Sivakami.

Sivakami’s Vow establishes how the fearsome Chalukyas planned an invasion: their war elephants, horses and how infantry swept towards the Pallava empire while Emperor Pulikesi eyed Kanchi as the crowning glory to his martial achievements. It is available on pre-order and will be available across the country and on all major e-commerce platforms 6th February, 2023 onwards.

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