SIDEREAL DESTINY by Vaishnavi Sanoj

This book has been nominated for NE8x ONLINE LITERATURE FEST 2019.

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties. Despite all the technological advancements, and specifically all the prediction systems like weather forecasting systems, stock market prediction systems, no science lab has ever produced a human-life-predicting-system. Therein comes astrology, tarot reading, and so on. Ancient they may seem to be, but the proliferation of fortune-telling websites and related Android applications are simply more than enough to prove their popularity. 

Sidereal Destiny is a roller coaster journey taken by the protagonist, Arpitha, and her champion sibling. Born into a traditional community governed by the constellations, ‘love’ fails to be woven in its vibrant colours. Latha’s marriage to Krishnan was an act of perfect obedience to her parents that lit up teething problems—problems without solutions. 

However, when Arpitha reveals her heart’s desire, ’Naimisham’ opens doors to turbulence. Love loses its sweetness. Stars and caste raise their heads. Traditions, beliefs, family on one side and love on the other seem to be a tug of war for the two siblings. Can traditions and stars crush love? Set in the coastal backdrop of Alleppey, a state of Kerala, the story explores the fate of lovers who get enmeshed in the stars and are forced to confront their destiny—even before it unfolds.

Author: Vaishnavi Sanoj
Publisher: Notion Press
Available: Amazon

About the Author

Vaishnavi Sanoj is an author, writer and teacher. She is from Kerala and currently resides in Qatar.