Shall We Tango Charlie by Chetna Lumb Bedi

Yola Singh - 2

As soon as Ahana crosses the gates of the Indian Air Force Selection Centre, she knows she has to fight the world. After all, becoming a Garud commando isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re a woman. It’s a man’s world in there!

But Ahana isn’t just any woman. Headstrong, brash, rebellious, if anyone can get through a daunting Special Forces training regimen, it is she.

However, what happens when life decides to turn around and punch Ahana in the gut? Can she take it as well as she hands it out?

Witty, charming, and heart-warming, Shall We Tango, Charlie? is the story of Ahana Lamba, a girl haunted by
her past and deceived by her present.

Ahana Lamba

Title: Shall We Tango Charlie
Author: Chetna Lumb Bedi
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Available: Amazon

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