Selected Works of C. Rajagopalachari: Vol. VI, 1936–39 By Ravi K. Mishra and Narendra Shukla

About the Book:

The present volume is the sixth in a series of ten volumes of the Selected Works of C. Rajagopalachari, being published in association with the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

This volume brings out Rajaji’s active engagement with electoral arrangements and campaigns in the south. Rajaji led the Congress to an overwhelming victory in 1937, and was subsequently chosen as leader of the newly elected Congress contingent.

He argued in favour of autonomy for the provincial government and carried forward various measures as Premier of Madras: propagation of the Hindustani language and the use of khadi; the prohibition of alcohol; temple-entry for the Untouchables; and his response to the demand for a separate Andhra province.

Vol. VI also carries abstracts of the budgets that Rajaji presented, which highlight his remarkable expertise, even in financial matters. It is a collector’s edition that will be a useful tool of reference on the life of Rajaji, and narrates a very important phase in the history of India’s struggle for freedom.

About the Authors:

•         Ravi K. Mishra is Deputy Director, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.

•         Narendra Shukla is Head, Research and Publications Division, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.

Title: Selected Works of C. Rajagopalachari
Author: Ravi K. Mishra and Narendra Shukla
Publisher: Orient BlackSwan
Available: Amazon

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